The January Lanterns - indie folk duo from Columbia, MO. They tell the stories of tenderness, anger, intense joy, bitterness, and reckless grace. Andrew and Kristen Camp have been best friends since they were fifteen and became high school sweethearts. They went from singing in talent shows together and whimsically watching sunsets to young married lovers only to transition into parenthood within the first year of marriage. Having four babies in four years and then a series of distressing events and painful transitions broke them to the core. In the aftermath they found their marriage had grown cold, stagnant, and weary.  

            When it would have been easier to run away, they fought literally everyday to not give up. During that raw time, writing songs helped them to remember their joy for each other. After years of learning how to heal they decided to take steps to share their journey with others. Wanting to bring warmth to a cold place, Andrew and Kristen started The January Lanterns. This has been just the right therapy for them to get back to that freezing January wedding day when they started their unrelenting love story.

In 2017, they decided to take steps into making their dream a reality. First by non-stop songwriting and secondly by completing a 500 sq. ft. recording studio in an unfinished room in their basement. In a shattered and weary marriage, writing songs helped them to remember their joy for each other.